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Jodi Carter-Schleter
I have been an educator for 11 years and have always enjoyed teaching "outside of the box"; therefore my learners become creative critical thinkers.  It is being said by leaders in the cooperate and education field that educators are preparing learners for jobs that do not even exist today. 
I worked for Coppell ISD as a classroom educators and left the classroom to work for the district as a Content Integration Specialist.  As a Content Integration Specialist I supported Coppell ISD educators, administrators, and learners in designing authentic PBL lessons.  
As both a mother of two boys, Cameron and  Adam, and an educator I asked myself, how can I educate young children to become innovators?  I found the answer in inquiry based learning combined with seamless technology and creativity integration.  My students are motivated and enthusiastic as they engage in my lessons.  I was recognized for efforts for lesson design as a Super Teacher.
K-8 Certified
ESL Certified
GT Certified
PBL Trained and Trainer
CISD Campus Content Specialist
Valley Ranch Technology Committee
Design Committee for Lee Elementary
I have worked for Irving ISD, Lewisville ISD, Terrell ISD, Coppell ISD
Awards and Recognition's:  
CISD Super Teacher

Tech ED Missions was started with the passion to excite children about learning. Learners that attend our enrichment summer camps are sure to become stronger and more competitive in the classroom with skills they can apply to future opportunities.  View the video below for a glimpse of Jodi Schleter's teaching style, leading in the transformation of our children's futures.    
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