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Frequently Asked Questions
This our fourth year of enrichment camps.  These are either questions parents had last year with a few anticipated questions to help make your decision and registration clear and simple.  If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call 469-323-2412 or email  

Do all camps still have space available?

Right now, yes but we are anticipating them filling up quickly.  At this time, we are only able to accommodate 20 learners per mission.  It varies by mission how much remaining space is still available and it changes daily. As missions fill up, it will be very clear on this website and registration form that missions are "waiting list only". Also, if you are thinking about registering for a mission but are not of sure on dates, email us and we will put you on a "tentative list".   will email you if the missions is filling up so you can officially register or release the spot. 

Can I register for camps and make payments?
Yes.  If the camps fill and you have not made a payment, you will receive an email giving you the choice to pay, cancel or be put on a waiting list.  All payments are due the morning of camps each week.  
Are the scholarship available?  
Yes.  Please email  Scholarships are needs based.  We would not want anyone to miss out on an opportunity like this because of finances.    

What if I am not sure which dates my child can attend, can I go ahead and register?
Space is limited and all missions are likely to fill up.  It would be unfair to others and the instructors to "take up" a spot you are just considering.  Please know we will do our best to accommodate your child when you have made a final decision.  This will avoid wait lists and confusion for all involved.  

How will camps be differentiated for Kindergartner vs. an 8th grader?
Ports will be set up to insure new technology skills are introduced.  Also, they will be grouped by interest and ideas as opposed to age/grade.  For example, children might use a simple creation tool if they have not been exposed to this.  A 5th grader would be more attracted to "app smashing" or a more advanced program.  Those would not end up in the same group. Additionally, specialized lessons that align with middle school product choices will be featured to prepare your child for the transition.  In years past, they seemed to group themselves naturally in all of this.  For example, a mature and gifted first grader shadowed a 6th and 7th grader and was more engaged then if I had made him stay with his friends.  Multi-aged  settings is real well researched and exciting to watch.  We have added tools, apps, and presentations that align with CISD's middle school and even high school so your child will have an edge on new ways to present their learning.  

What is the difference between full and half day curriculum?
The project description will remain the same.  Components of and options will be extended for the Full Day learners.  For example, educators will design a webpage and teach kids how to upload their information during the half day versus learning to design their own web page for the full day option.  Also, presentation skills will be extended for full day as they will present to an audience with other components.  Both are great, full day is just deeper understanding and more rigorous projects. 

Is registration limited to only kids at that campus or Project Based Learning campuses only?
Absolutely not.  Choose the campus, topics, and weeks that work for you and your child.  We have kids from all campuses & grades attend. 
We have used PBL as the lens to design the missions, however, STEM, Understanding by Design, and other good teaching practices have been embedded.  Your child will benefit and be more successful in collaboration, technology, and presentation skills from having attended techedmissions.   

Do I have to fill out a separate registration for each child and each mission?
No.  One per family is fine.  Register them for the missions they will attend.  If you choose to add future missions, you can do so by emailing or speaking to us and we will make changes. 

How were the topics chosen?
We did a survey for topics learners, boys and girls, were interested in for grades K-th and choose the top choices.  We considered topics and technology skills that are not taught or elaborated on in the classroom.  Based on educator, parent, and learner feedback, they were more successful in provide new ideas and methods of presenting their information after attending.

Do I have to pay all enrollment fees when registering? 

No, we realize if your child is attending multiple camps you might choose to pay week to week.  Again, please refrain from registering for all camps if you do not intend to participate in each week.  Payments can be made for any amount at anytime on the website and deducted from your balance.  Money will also be collected the Monday before each camp (check, cash, or credit card)

Do you have discounts?
Yes!  If your child(ren) attend all missions they can attend one week free.  Also, enroll for 2 or more missions and you will receive $10 off each additional camp.  Coppell or Crandall ISD employees will also receive a discount.   Please email us if you have any requests for help or specials and we will see what we can do.  We should have scholarship funds available.  

Can we pay in installments?
Yes.  Online payments can be made any time in any amount that suits your need.  The balance is due the first day of camp and you can pay onsite with a credit card, cash or check.  Scholarships are available as needed.  Email us at for more information. 

What if we register for a mission and something comes up and we can no longer attend?
No problem!  Payments are transferable (not refundable) as long as their is space at another mission.  We will work with you on unique situations.  Simply email us and

On the site it mentions "fast paced".  Can you give us some detail on what that means?
Enrichment camps lends itself to learners being engaged all the time and groups are constantly on a task, thinking critically, asking questions, etc. We have at least one certified educator and/or administrator and 2 volunteers that will be helping facilitate the learning.  Our goal is for all children to feel successful.  
However, the missions do not allow for constant re-directions, disruptions, and other behavior issues.  If you know your child is a distraction, very disruptive, etc. this might not be the mission for your child because he or she would be removed from the group, thus not feeling successful. 

Are the missions tax deductible?
Yes they are for children under 12 years old.  Form 2441.  Invoices should be saved for your records.  We will provide a Tax Credit Letter upon request.   

Will parents be able to watch the presentations?
Yes and no.  We will post all missions final projects online and your child will leave knowing how to access them.  In order to maintain the security of all of us, adults will not be permitted into the building.  Your child will be picked up and returned to you at the side entrance of Lakeside. 


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