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Our Mission

Our Goal at Tech Ed Missions is to prepare your child to create and 
innovate through the lens of 
inquiry based leaning which includes - Problem, Project and Passion based learning.  This develops their questioning and problem solving skills through collaboration and advances their technology skills.  

Designed by Jodi Carter-Schleter 

I am a proud parent and educator with a passion for inquiry learning and technology integration.  I am excited that Tech Ed Missions has been leading camps in Coppell since 2011.  I have been engaging children and teaching skills using topics that lead the children to become innovative learners that become passionate about learning.

As  a Content Integration Coach with CISD, I supported five elementary campuses, middle schools, CHS, and New Tech High School, administrators, educators, and learners on how to design and implement the following skills in their classrooms.  I have taken my many years of education experiences from my classroom teaching, content coaching, and parenting to develop TechEd Missions. Here are a few goals that will be the focus of all our missions.

  • Learning through highly engaging topics with friends who have similar interests
  • Latest technology skills they can use during school or at home
  • Challenging learning opportunities encouraging critical thinking skills 
  • Learning how to safely research and publish ideas
  • Unique rubric system that will be report on a child's skills compared to their peers
  • Opportunities to design impressive and innovative final products
  • Avenues to learn key research skills
  • Foster academic, social, and emotional skills
  • Increase learner motivation and being a positive influence when working with groups
  • Time for exploring familiar devices used at school in new ways
  • Smaller groups to improve communication skills

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From Traditional to 21st Century-video taken during PBL in Jodi Carter-Schleter's classroom. 
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